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Ted H

Wayne fixed two of my reels which had been left sitting and not cared for. One reel, I thought, was done for. Both are now in perfect working order and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend this service.


Barry R

Shimano Surprise

I have a favorite reel of mine, Shimano Talica, that normally I don't trust with anyone, but had heard about Reel Magic and the work he does through a friend, so thought I would take a chance.  When I got it back it was not only cleaned and polished but I really think it works better than when I got it new. Thanks Wayne


Mark W

Trying to fix reels looks easy.

Taking it apart is easy but after several attempts with my Penn 330 to get it back together I finally gave up. Called Island Outfitters and they referred me to Wayne. He took my box of parts and called the next day saying it was done. REALLY, was my first response but I have been using it for a year now with no problems. Great guy to deal with.